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Helicopter Ride! - 30s & 40s Going Out Group
Sat, 15 Aug 2015 16:00:00 +0000

UPDATE #1: Based on a member question, the helicopter company has informed me that an extra ticket will need to be purchased for people weighing 245 lbs or greater, and the maximum weight for an individual is 300 lbs. -- Let's go for a helicopter ride! I've reserved a Robinson R44 helicopter for us, and made special arrangements with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, who has 1000 pilot hours under his belt, to take us up for a 6 - 7 minute ride that: • Flies 750 feet above ground level, directly over the NSA (even their employees are surprised it's permitted) and the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge • The Casino at Arundel Mills, downtown Baltimore, and other landmarks will also be within eyeshot! • It's not just the view we'll come for, it's the experience of hovering, taking off & landing, making banking turns, and the photo ops that we'll get to enjoy • It's a thrill ride, an experience, and although 6 - 7 minutes sounds short, I climbed out using words like "amazing" and "wow" when I first did it! • We'll each get $20 in "Bucket Bucks" which we can use towards the purchase of a longer tour We are privileged to have Seth Clute as our pilot. An Annapolis resident, Seth has a year of service flying Blackhawk helicopters with the Army National Guard in Kosovo. He is a Distinguished Honor Graduate from the Army Aviation School of Excellence. In addition to flying tours and photography flights, he is a Certified Flight Instructor and has 600+ pilot hours. Seth is one of the rare ‘rotor-heads’ who went straight through his flight training in helicopters, and in addition to Blackhawks, flies the Robinson 22 and Robinson 44. (The helicopter company reserves the right to substitute the pilot with another well qualified pilot if need be.) We'll go up 3 at a time, so it'll take us a couple of hours to get through everyone. While we're waiting and getting excited, we'll hang out and mingle in the hangar and their picnic table area (which sits directly on the tarmac next to the planes) and watch planes come and go. We'll take off and land about 50 yards away! FOOD AND DRINKS WILL BE PROVIDED. We'll have turkey, roast beef, and ham sandwich platter and wraps to eat... and beer, wine, water, soda, diet soda to drink! We've got an early bird special for this event of $40! The first 40 paid sign-ups, or those who pay by Sun. Aug. 9th (whichever comes first) get the early bird price! After that it will go up to $45. We have a LIMITED number of spots so make sure to RSVP early AND make payment to secure your spot and get the early bird price! To make payment, please follow the steps in the "Payment Instructions" section of the event posting. Also please know that your RSVP is not guaranteed unless we receive payment. When you pay, your online receipt is confirmation that we have received your payment. So come join us, tell your friends, and let's experience the thrill of a helicopter ride! J.T. -- Sponsor Chinese Language Academy Learn basic Mandarin Chinese in only 16 hours!  Upper level courses are also available for advanced students. Mandarin is fast becoming an imperative language to learn for those looking to broaden their career horizons.  The Chinese Language Academy provides the most fast-paced, effective and practical Mandarin class in DC. We offer customized Chinese language and Chinese culture classes to companies, government agencies and individual professionals and have successfully helped many prestigious executives and government officers to obtain the critical language skills in today's global economy. All of our instructors are native Chinese speakers with a Master’s degree in the US and years of experience in teaching Chinese. At CLA, you will learn the language, the customs, and the business culture in a brand new way. Visit us online and learn more about our program. -- Carpooling If you need a ride, I suggest posting in the comment box below. Likewise, if you can offer a ride, please also post in the comment box with number of people you can accommodate. Helicopter Safety FAQ Please know that the helicopter company is required to follow rigorous FAA regulations and inspections (which include everything from equipment maintenance requirements to pilot drug testing), as well as manufacturer recommendations for maintenance. Every 100 hours, the helicopter gets maintained and 'signed-off' by an FAA and manufacturer approved helicopter mechanic, and it's no small inspection. With pilot pre-flight inspections before flights, the helicopters get quite a bit of maintenance between those 100 hours, and the helicopter company has local mechanics who work on anything they feel is needed or that the pilot feels is necessary. Event Check-in We will have a master list of all those that have paid. It’s not required, but I recommend printing out your payment confirmation as a backup. When you check-in, your RSVP will be listed under the name of the Paypal or credit card account used to make payment. Typically, this is your LEGAL name as shown on your driver's license. Sometimes, it may be under a company name if you set up your Paypal or credit card account that way. If you are not sure what it is, please take a moment to log into your Paypal account (it will say "Welcome, [your account name]" at the top) or your credit card account to find out. If you are RSVP'd under someone else's payment, please use that name for check-in. Refund Policy Since we paid in advance for this event, all sales are final unless the event is canceled or rescheduled. If the event is canceled, you will receive a full refund. If the event is rescheduled, an UPDATE will be posted at the top of the event posting, and the UPDATE will also be sent as an email to the yes RSVPs. A full refund will be given to those that let us know within 3 calendar days of the UPDATE email if you are unable to make the new date. No refunds will be given after that time. Thanks for understanding. =) Ticket Resell Similar to a concert ticket or a football game ticket, you are free to sell your ticket to someone else if you are unable to attend. I suggest posting in the comment box for the event, that you have a ticket for sale. Work out payment between yourselves, and have the seller only send the organizer a "message" through their Meetup profile (do not comment in the comment box of the event posting) letting us know the first AND last name and Meetup profile URL (if a member) of the person taking your spot. I host a lot of events and groups, so please also let us know the event name and group name the ticket transfer is for. You must let us know by the RSVP close time of 12:30pm on the day of the event. Special Needs If you have any special needs (e.g. wheelchair, dietary for events with food included, etc.), let us know in advance (a week or more before the event) and we will do our best to accommodate. If you let us know the day of the event, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate. Thank you for understanding and we appreciate the courtesy of a heads up! Rain Policy If it's light rain, we're still on. If there's lightning, we'll need to reschedule or cancel. Hopefully, if there is precipitation, it will just be a passing summer rain. If it looks like the weather will impact our event, I'll post an update by 1pm the day of the event. If we cancel, or reschedule and you are unable to make the new date, you will receive a full refund.

When: Aug 15, 2015 4:00:00 PM in Fort Meade, Florida

Ft. Meade Business Network - VENDOR MEETING
Thu, 06 Aug 2015 19:00:00 +0000

Hi Vendors! We are so excited to launch our first quarterly Small Business Open House networking event right here on Ft. Meade. We are NOT requiring any vendor fees, so it is imparative that you confirm your committment to this event by doing a few things to make this as successful as possible.  1. Please come out for a quick vendor meeting on August 6th at 7pm. It won't take long but we will be going over a few key plans, and accepting any food monitary donations towards the food table ($5 is recommended) and your prepackaged raffle items.  2. Please share the event fb page and bring (invite) at least 10-20 of your friends to the event. Although this is a public event, those attending will need to have or be able to obtain post access. Here is the event link. https://www.facebook.com/events/1043586478992377/ I recommend inviting no more than 40 of your friends, then send a quick personal message (make sure to uncheck send as group, so nobody gets spammed).  Sample message Hey, did you hear about the networking event on Ft. Meade in August? It sounds pretty cool, since it's a no purchase, no puressure to buy, networking only event to get to know your local small business owners. I will be there showcasing my stuff and giving away a few raffles. Here's the link to the event, I hope you can make it. https://www.facebook.com/events/1043586478992377/  3. Please let us know asap if you are unable to make it. Again, since this is a NO FEE event, we are trusting you to show up. There are others on the waiting list who would love to take your spot if you can't make it.  4. Have fun. See you for the quick vendor meeting Aug 6th, and looking forward to a fun networking event on Aug 15th.    Best,  Elina Bass Ft. Meade Small Business Open House Coordinator  ladystrongtraining@gmail.com

When: Aug 6, 2015 7:00:00 PM in Fort Meade, Florida

Learn to Make Lumpia Shanghai (Filipino Spring Rolls)
Fri, 25 Sep 2015 11:30:00 +0000

Fort Meade OSC is pleased to host our second summer cooking class!   This class features Lumpia Shanghai (Filipino Spring Rolls), a type of meat-filled egg roll. Our OSC chef-in-residence, Pearly Kamachi is going to teach us the how to make this traditional dish, letting us taste-test along the way.  When we're done, we will each have our own batch to take home.  Older children are welcome to attend the class with you, or can be registered separately and learn independently. Please RSVP by 21 September, 2015.  *please note: this is a not-for-profit class; the charge is strictly to cover the costs. Let's get cooking friends!

When: Sep 25, 2015 11:30:00 AM in Fort Meade, Florida

Suiting Warriors Suit Gifting Event for Veterans
Wed, 09 Sep 2015 10:00:00 +0000

Suiting Warriors is providing free professional business attire, including concierge treatment, to honorably discharged or soon to be honorably discharged men and women of the U.S. Armed forces who are transitioning into the civilian workforce. This event hosted by SFL-TAP requires registration, and to show discharge papers or Veteran ID.  Suiting Warriors Foundation is a 501c3 grass-roots organization. Providing a 5-star, mobile, concierge suiting service for U.S. Military Veterans. 

When: Sep 9, 2015 10:00:00 AM in Fort Meade, Florida